Private Landlords – Peace of Mind and Protection from High Risk Tenants

Now the Tenant Fees Act has been implemented, private Landlords are under increasing financial pressure leading to some being tempted to cut corners and costs on Tenant due diligence.

Mulberry Investigations have a unique Criminality Insight service giving Landlords  clear information regarding any criminality within a prospective Tenants history.

Using all publicly available data our software locates Convictions, Police Cautions, arrests without prosecution and any association to criminal activity.

We report back to you in a clear format enabling you to accurately assess the risk. Where no data is located we issue a simple “All Clear” email, allowing you to continue your vetting process safe in the knowledge no issues have been identified. 

Individual searches start at just £5 + VAT – if you have a regular requirement please contact Sophie or Greg to discuss our sliding fee scale (

Instructing us is simple – email  including the name of your potential Tenant, their date of birth and current address. We will conduct all activity and issue our report within 24 hours.

Our Analysts ensure that all reported data relates to the correct data Subject, ensuring our solution is 100% compliant with all aspects of GDPR. 

At this challenging time for Landlords we are here to provide insight, real peace of mind and protection for just £5 – do not accept any Tenant without this essential check.