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Peace of Mind Package – Relationship

When you question your partner’s fidelity and fear the worst, we
discover the truth so you can take back control of your life.

Once we understand the source of your concerns, we design a bespoke
investigation strategy drawing upon a range of methods including
open source intelligence gathering and covert observations (surveillance).

Regular progress updates keep you informed every step of the way as we uncover
the facts, building a detailed picture of your partner’s activity, lifestyle and behaviour.

Our final Insight Report outlines key findings with supporting evidence
in the form of photographic images, video footage, social media extracts and other intelligence.

Peace of Mind Package – Employee

What started as a ‘Nanny Watch’ service, we are now able to give you
real insight into the conduct of any employee or potential employees.

Far more than just a hidden camera, our approach looks at every aspect of risk
posed by some one you trust to care for your children, elderly parents, have access to your home or to work for your business.

DBS (Police checks), CV’s and references only get you so far – when you want that additional peace of mind
or something about their conduct makes you uneasy, we establish the facts people do not wish to disclose.

Taking an intelligence led, case by case approach, our capability includes full pre employment screening
and in role behaviour and conduct monitoring. We build an accurate assessment of the risk posed.

Our activity may involve a period of observation (surveillance), field intelligence gathering, open source research
and profiling or covert camera placement . The strategy is flexible to fit your concerns.

Updating you as we progress, our Final Insight Report outlines key findings
with supporting evidence and any recommended next steps.

Financial Peace of Mind

Taking an intelligence led approach our expert financial Analysts are able to evaluate
the accuracy of presented financial information and data.

Often linked to a formal Financial Disclosure as part of divorce proceedings, we are able to establish the truth, identifying previously
undisclosed assets, income sources, commercial interests and hidden elements of investment portfolios.

Equally effective as part of a pre litigation strategy associated with commercial disputes and debt recovery actions,
our findings build into a detailed financial profile providing you the evidence and insight you need.

Polygraph Examination

Better known as a lie detector test, our team of accredited and fully qualified Examiners conduct professional
examinations to the standard stipulated by the British and European Polygraph Association (BEPA).

Using physiological indices such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin conductivity, we build baseline responses
through the Control Questions Technique. This allows effective evaluation of subsequent
answers to the questions which matter to you.

Used worldwide as an accepted method of assessing someone’s credibility, using a polygraph test is a safe,
ethical and reliable way of establishing the true facts.

Our Examiners are able to conduct tests in your own home and will work with you to ensure
the questions posed support the insight you seek.

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“I was kept informed throughout their investigation into my partners financial status – I was so surprised at what they discovered.”

Charlotte T

“I was really nervous about using a private investigator. The costs were clear and they looked after me.”

Laura M

“Sophie @MulberryInvestigations literally saved my marriage. I thought my partner was having an affair – he actually wasn’t and now we can move on.”

Gemma K

“Before hiring someone who will be looking after your children I would recommend these guys to anyone – they leave no stone unturned.”

Nick S