Third of People would hide assets during divorce proceedings

According to a YouGov survey a third of people in the UK would hide assets during divorce proceedings if they felt they could get away with it.

Divorce law requires the completion of a Financial Disclosure statement by both parties and there is a clear necessity to be 100% truthful.

Mulberry Investigations Analysis


Whilst inaccurate disclosure can be classed as Fraud and will certainly be looked upon extremely dimly by the Judge, with such a high proportion of people apparently comfortable with being less than honest in a bid to protect their financial status post proceedings, a prudent approach is the best approach to validating your partners disclosure.

With transparency increasingly difficult due to the complexity of investment portfolios, property ownership and other assets, commercial interests often held in a third parties name, combined with those individuals who will look to deliberately mislead and hide income and assets, investigating before agreeing is incredibly valuable and essential in securing the true level of financial settlement genuine partners deserve.